Children Education (Madressah)

Our Madrasah program conducts a thorough needs assessment, understanding children’s educational needs and community interests in Islamic education. We establish clear goals, shaping a curriculum covering Quranic studies, Islamic ethics, Arabic language, and history. Qualified staff are recruited, ensuring knowledgeable teachers with experience working with children. Our engaging curriculum incorporates interactive teaching methods, supported by well-equipped classrooms within the mosque. Parents can easily enrol their children, with transparent information on schedules and fees. An orientation session familiarises parents and students with program goals and expectations. Regular classes offer diverse activities including Quran recitation, memorisation, Islamic stories, arts, crafts, and discussions. Periodic assessments measure progress, with feedback provided to students and parents for improvement. Parental involvement is encouraged through communication channels, meetings, and volunteer opportunities, with resources to support learning at home. Special events throughout the year showcase student achievements and reinforce Islamic values. Continuous evaluation ensures a dynamic and enriching learning experience for students, parents, and teachers. Join us in nurturing the next generation in Islamic education.

Frequently asked questions

The main subject we cover is learning Quran and Islamic studies.

We recruit qualified teachers who are knowledgeable about Islam and have experience working with children. Rigorous background checks and interviews ensure suitability for working with children.

Our classrooms are equipped with necessary resources such as textbooks, learning materials, and audiovisual aids to support students’ learning experience.

Parents can easily enrol their children through our registration process, which provides clear information on schedules, fees, and program expectations. Visit the Masjid and speak to one of our staff members.