Adult education

Adult Islamic education empowers individuals to deepen their faith, gain knowledge, navigate life’s challenges, and contribute positively to society, fostering personal and collective growth and enrichment.

Adult Classes

In Tajweed class, we focus on getting Quran recitation just right, paying attention to pronunciation, tone, and flow. Learning Tajweed is a must for all Muslims who want to understand the Quran better. It’s obligatory for every Muslim.

Exploring Quranic verses helps understand their meaning and importance. Quran commentary offers insights into its message, historical context, and relevance today. Learning about the Quran is a duty for all Muslims.

Understanding the Sunnah offers guidance on leading a virtuous life. Studying Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and actions inspires emulation of his character, fostering spiritual growth and adherence to Islamic principles. Seeking knowledge of the Sunnah is an obligation for every Muslim.

Frequently asked questions

Tajweed class emphasises correct pronunciation, articulation, and rhythm in Quranic recitation. It’s obligatory for all the Muslim to read Quran with Tajweed.

Quran commentary delves into meanings, historical context, and relevance of Quranic verses. Seeking knowledge of the Quran is important for all the believers.

Understanding the Sunnah offers guidance for virtuous living. Studying Prophet Muhammad’s teachings fosters spiritual growth and adherence to Islamic principles.