Royal Tunbridge Wells has been home to Muslims from different parts of the world for many years. However, there was no formal organization or Mosque in the town that served the Muslims. To cope with the issue, Muslims families would gather in each other’s homes for prayers and religious holidays. In fact, a house of one of the community members was being used for many years by Muslims of the town to offer prayers. In the late 80s, the local families started to collect funds to acquire a place in hopes of turning it into a Mosque. In 1992, thanks to the collective efforts of Muslim families in the town, a pub was bought and converted into a Mosque. That was the start of a beautiful, peaceful place where Muslims started to gather to discuss community issues, religious affairs, and teachings of Islam and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Over the years, Masjid Al-Noor has served the Muslims as a religious and community centre. It has played an important role in the continuous flourishing of the community. Today, Muslims 4 from different ethnic backgrounds fulfill their spiritual, intellectual, and social needs at Masjid AlNoor.


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Masjid Al Noor
99 Camden Road
Tunbridge Wells


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